You can download the package here (0.5 Mb; version from 2021-02-15) and install it manually.

But the fastest way to install it is to copy & paste the following line of code into your R console:

install.packages("", repos=NULL)

The OSLdecomposition package depends on some other packages. If not all of them are pre-installed, the installation will fail and you will receive an error message. In case of an empty R user library, this error message will look something like this:

ERROR: dependencies 'Luminescence', 'DEoptim', 'minpack.lm', 'gridExtra', 'kableExtra', 'ggplot2', 'scales', 'ggpubr', 'rmarkdown' are not available for package 'OSLdecomposition'
* removing 'C:/.../R/win-library/4.0/OSLdecomposition'

The solution is quite simple. Copy & paste the name of the missing packages into install.packages(). In case of the empty library, this would mean:

install.packages(c("Luminescence", "DEoptim", "minpack.lm", "gridExtra", "kableExtra", "ggplot2", "scales", "ggpubr", "rmarkdown"))

Be aware that it is always a good idea to use the newest versions of the depending packages. In particular, the package Luminescence must be installed as version 0.9.9 or newer if you want to calculate equivalent doses out of the OSLdecomposition results. You can also use the code lines above to update packages.

Bugs and whishes

The future of the package depends on the interest and contribution of the community. If you want to report a bug or if you have any useful comment, please write an issue at the GitHub page or mail me.

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